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Jessica Strickland

Jessica Strickland

2019-2022, Research Technician

I started in the Luckhart lab as an undergraduate assistant in 2017 when I was a junior at the University of Idaho studying Microbiology. I graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Microbiology in December 2018. I took a year off after obtaining my degree to travel and learn skills in carpentry.

In November 2019 I returned to the Luckhart lab as a research technician. My interests include understanding the immune response of mammalian hosts during malaria parasite infection and disease transmission. I worked on projects that focus on mammalian host immune responses to malaria, host pathogen interactions and parasite transmission. As of April 2022, I decided to change directions and am excited to explore new careers outside of science for my skills. 

  • Assistant Scientist, Alturas Analytics, Inc., Moscow, ID