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Heather Kivi

Heather Kivi

2020-2022, MS Student, University of Idaho

I started working as an undergraduate assistant in the Luckhart Lab at the start of my senior year in 2020. After graduating in 2021 with my B.S. in microbiology, I was more than excited to stay with the lab as a research technician. I’ve had a passion for entomology ever since I was a child, and I was happy to have the opportunity to mix that with my growing interest in parasitemia. My projects have focused on mosquito vector behaviors and lifespan, as well as host immune responses to infection.

In fall 2022, I started my Medical Laboratory Science degree program at Idaho State University, using the knowledge I’ve gained from my research to one day work as a medical technologist or a pathologist. 

  • Medical Laboratory Science program, Idaho State University